Company Profile

Movement of people and goods has undergone a lot of change ever since the invention of wheel. In a country as geographically large as ours the movement of goods and people on rails has become one of the most preferred modes of transportation across varied sections of the society.

For major heavy industries like cement, steel and other state and private owned and operated power plants movement of material within their plant premises is a basic necessity. The quantum of the material to be moved warrants an efficient as well as economic mode of transport. Out of this requirement was born the need for shunting locomotives for such plants

OEPL has been building locomotives for more than 30 years for the country, its heavy industries and for development. It was started in 1987, by a team of technocrats who aspired to create a company that would lead from the forefront of rail-based products and services in India. OEPL has served customers for whom quality and reliability are paramount. For more than three decades, OEPL has been addressing every business segment - from Indian Railways, Cement industry, Mining Sector, Defence, Heavy Industries, Power sector, Ports and Shipyards, Steel Sector, Fertilizers, Mills to Coal and Infrastructure Industry with precision, efficiency and consistency in service and quality.


To be a market leader in the design & manufacture of rail based material handling systems and customised equipment through appropriate technology.


To be leaders in manufacturing equipment on sound & optimum design platform, aligning to customers’ needs and quality expectation ensuring promised delivery and performance, for long-lasting customer delight.